Best Air Purifier for Smoke under $100

The air we breathe nowadays is not as clean as it used to be. There are many factors affecting the quality of air such as vehicular smog, factory smoke, second-hand smoke from cigarettes and more. While we cannot control them, we can do something to improve the air surrounding us by getting an air purifier. As the name suggests, it is a device that nullifies the impurities through a special air filtration system to improve the air we inhale. The best cheap air purifier for smoke and pet dander are able to remove dust, dirt, smoke, and mold among others as well. Prolonged exposure to such elements can lead to sickness. To make the home safer for everyone, air purifiers were made at reasonable prices so that many can afford to make their environment safer for the household.

There are many air purifiers in the market and this guide is meant to show you what you should be looking for in such devices, to begin with. They all have the basic task of cleaning up air but because they are from different manufacturers, they may come with different features. Along with a list of some of the highly recommended air purifiers in the market at a cost of below $100.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Purifier For Smoke Under $100

What could possibly be the better air purifier among the sea of products by companies? Read below for some insights on how to choose the best one for your home.

The best air purifiers have the following:

  • All air purifiers should have HEPA or a high-efficiency particulate absorber. This air filtration technology has certain standards that purifiers must meet in order to be applicable at home and other institutions.
  • An air purifier’s production of ozone is also taken into consideration. Ozone is used in air filters to clean out harmful residues floating in the air but at high-concentrations is very dangerous to human health. The standard is at 0.08 per million and lesser for home use, as suggested by US regulations. Other low-cost purifiers are sending out 40 parts for every million.
  • It is a must to determine the capacity of the air purifier and how much area of coverage it is capable of. Some models have a very wide area of coverage and work at up to 300 sqm.
  • The purifiers efficiency determines how well a purifier does its job. It is measured by CADR or clean air delivery rate. The higher the rate, the better.


Top Choice for the Best Air Purifier Under $100

Germguardian AC4825

For those who are beginners at using air purifiers, the Germguardian AC4825 is a smart choice for having a genuine HEPA filtration system that leaves your home renewed with clean and fresh air. It has three stages of trapping air particles that make use of carbon and activated charcoal to get rid of unpleasant odors that can come from the kitchen when meal prepping and cooking is commencing. The HEPA system itself has a capability of 99.97% in efficiency when getting rid of microns sizing at 0.3 and above. It also makes use of UV-C light, a powerful feature that destroys different kinds of molds and bacteria that causes diseases in the household.


  • Works with pollen as well
  • Easily handles long hours of use
  • It works quietly while getting rid of cooking and stale odors


  • Emitted a plastic smell after 8 hours of use
  • Gets burned out


Hamilton Beach 04383A Air Cleaner

Those suffering from asthma and allergies from various air floaters like dust and pollen will benefit from Hamilton’s anti-allergen technology. Equipped with a heavy-duty HEPA filtration system that gets rid of dirt, dust, fur, and smoke at a 160 sqm area making it the best for value air purifier. This is the best for those who smoke indoors that can simply use the purifier in one are. It has a compact and narrow design for tight places and the filter only need three times of cleaning every year.


  • Works so well that it improved health
  • Powerful filtering catches huge amounts of air pollutants
  • Perfect for pet litters that get rid of odors


  • Gives off a burning smell


O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier Pro Ionizer

Ionization is O-Ion B-1000’s way of targeting air particles that can cause respiratory illnesses. It is one of the most effective air filtration technologies ever developed to make sure that it transforms air into its most ideal state. It is an energy efficient model that makes use of electrostatic technology that pulls in airborne elements such as dust particles, smoke, mold, bacteria and more at 0.01 microns into the filter through an electric charge.


  • Very easy to clean, can even use dishwashing liquid
  • Collector plates can be cleaned instead of being replaced, saving you money
  • It might be small but cleans the air in large areas


  • Emitted a smell