Best Condenser Mic Under 100 in 2019

Home studios make use of condenser microphones to lessen the unwanted noise from outside sources when recording audio. Condenser mics have been made affordable, and you can have a decent mic for as little as below $100. Because of the competition, it can be a daunting task because for one, if you are a newbie to the world of such equipment, you’ll be overwhelmed with so much information. There are no single best microphones. What you’ll find here are just among the best of the best. But first, you need to sort out what you need your mic to have before actually spending money on one.

Things to consider when choosing a condenser mic

  • The first factor should be the directional pattern. Different mics are equipped with varying models so a hyper-cardioid is ideal for those who are doing recordings and voice-overs. If you know this feature, then you’d know which one will work best for you and your needs.
  • Improved quality of sound also depends on the diaphragm. The larger the diaphragm, the more sound details it gathers. Those that capture higher SPL have smaller diaphragms and are for particular musical instruments.
  • You’d want something that is durable and will give you little to no technical problems at all. The build of the mic should also be stable with no chipping.
  • At a price of under $100, you need to get one that offers the best features at this price range. There are still condenser microphones that can get you through a project if you use it carefully.

Top 3 condenser mic under $100

Behringer B-1

The name Behringer is indeed well-known. They are famous even for entry-level equipment, and it’s easy to see why. The Behringer B-1 has a built-in diaphragm ample in size that emits the transparency you so richly deserve. It is comparable to condenser mics that are much more advanced in sonic quality. Coupled with a cardioid pattern for audio clarity. With a -10dB attenuation of input and a roll-off switch for low frequencies.


  • Impressive shock mount and aluminum case
  • Reproduction of vocals is smooth, clean, and warm
  • Also work well with an electric guitar


  • Customer service is poor


MXL 990

If you want a decent condenser mic matched with consistency, the MXL 990 is your best choice. The pricing can only match its versatility. It might be stubby, but it does have decent specifications with an excellent pick for hardware. Vocalizations work well with the mic as well as recording with instruments. Because it has a shock mount, it could use a pop-filter. It has a frequency range of 30Hz – 20kHz and a maximum SPL of 130dB. An XLR cable is needed with to connect the mic.


  • It has a rich tone, with a bassy undertone
  • The pre-amp is good quality
  • Produces a professional sound


  • Doesn’t work with a phantom power


Audio-Technica AT2020

High sound pressure levels are taken care of by the smaller diaphragm that was rated better than other condenser microphones. The build is a 16mm capsule-like electret that is responsible for the clarity of sound, is best-suited to female vocals and smaller guitars, among others. A modern box design protects the components and also complements your studio.


  • Produces clear sound for the price
  • Has excellent sound and overall quality
  • Perfect for live streaming or voice recording


  • Doesn’t include a USB or XLR cable