Better Option to Google Docs | Microsoft Office + SkyDrive

Many times we face this problem of working simultaneously on a single document. Say for example we are working on a project report. At this time what people usually think about is “Google Docs”. But Microsoft Office is any how better than using Google Docs, so can we use it online to create documents? So that two or more people can work a single document simultaneously.
 Yes, of course, Microsoft has given us this solution: SkyDrive + Microsoft Office together give us this opportunity to make use of MS Office online.
Here I am sharing a  self explanatory video(shared by Microsoft) which will tell you more about MS Office + SkyDrive.
In my opinion it is simply Google Docs plus features of Microsoft Office. If you want to edit your documents and you need some formatting to be done, you won’t have to copy your documents from Google Docs and edit them in MS Office. Now using SkyDrive with Office you will easily edit and format all your documents in a single place saving your time for other activities.