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How Wifi Wireless Internet Router Works

To explain a very complex process, but to understand how WiFi works you must understand what WiFi is Def- “WiFi is a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or devices to connect to the internet or communicate wirelessly is a router. Wireless routers connect to a modem, the internet data come into the Router from phone lines […]

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Smelly Situations Home Guide

Even though you might be small, and even furry and cute, nature has given you, the skunk, a very powerful and potent weapon. Creatures give you a wide berth for a very good reason– your ability to spray is your best protection against predators like wolves, coyotes, and even overly-excited dogs. You might be tempted […]

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4 Fast & Cheap Ways To Update Outdated Flooring

If your flooring is outdated, hard to clean or just doesn’t match with your overall home decor, it’s time to give it a “facelift.” You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to give your floors a new look with these four easy, fast and inexpensive ways to update old flooring. Whether […]

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Better Option to Google Docs | Microsoft Office + SkyDrive

Many times we face this problem of working simultaneously on a single document. Say for example we are working on a project report. At this time what people usually think about is “Google Docs”. But Microsoft Office is any how better than using Google Docs, so can we use it online to create documents? So […]

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Microsoft Office will be available for iOS and Android

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android: Recently we got this news that Microsoft will be launching Office for iOS and Android. It will be launched by the time Microsoft will launch Windows 8 and new version of Office, in November this year. Microsoft Office is a product of Microsoft that truely has no competition. We […]

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How to find a specific type of file in Google

Whenever we use Google, most of the times we search for a specific type of file, example: PDF or PPT or DOC. But when we enter the query in Google’s search box it gathers all types of the results, be it of any type. To find a specific type of file we need to modify […]

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Firefox Private Browsing

Sometimes you need to do private browsing, you do not wish others who are using your computer to see your stuff. The reason can be anything. either sites that you visit are confidential (relating to your business) or may be too personal that should not be viewed by others. It may become tedious task to […]

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Binatone F350 Review

There are actually different purposes of the car navigation system and that is what we are going to discuss in this Binatone F350 review. This also consists of the keyboard, antenna, display and then the host. Of course, do not forget about the remote control which can be the alternative to the keyboard. The car […]

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