How to find a specific type of file in Google

Whenever we use Google, most of the times we search for a specific type of file, example: PDF or PPT or DOC. But when we enter the query in Google’s search box it gathers all types of the results, be it of any type. To find a specific type of file we need to modify our search technique. Coming steps will show you how to search for a specific file type (here I am showing it for PPT i.e. power point presentation file).

Step 1] Go to Google.

Step 2] Write “filetype:ppt” (without quotes) before your actual search query. So if I am searching for PPTs relating to Nanotechnology I will write “filetype:ppt nanotechnology”

You can see the result. You will get files of type that you have mentioned. Similarly you can search for any file type you want. You only need to change the file type in the query, as in our example: instead of PPT, put PDF or any other type that you want to search.

We can create a generalized query as: “filetype:<write file type here> <search term>”
(exclude “” and <>)