Best Gaming Mouse 2019

Most experienced gamers would probably agree that there is such a thing as a love-haterelationship with their gaming mouse. It may seem laughable, but it is not uncommon for a hardcore gamer in the heat of a battle to blame his flawed mouse (or even the keyboard) when he loses, or silently congratulate himself on having chosen the perfect mouse that enabled his victory. Whichever the case, it just goes to show that gamers tend to develop a personal relationship with their gaming mouse. And that is truly how it should be when choosing the best gaming mouse. Gamers must make it personal—personal in terms of making the decision to purchase that one mouse that would fit their gaming style. With the ever-increasing number of gaming mice being released into the market, it is understandably bewildering to choose the best one out there.

Features of a Gaming Mouse

The first feature that is perhaps the most noticeable one would be the DPI switch or button on a gaming mouse. DPI refers to dots per inch, and is basically the sensitivity of a mouse to a user’s hand movement. Setting the DPI to a higher value would make the mouse pointer react quicker or travel faster on the screen, even with just a small movement of the hand. Gaming mice would allow the user to change the DPI setting with just a simple push of a switch or a click of a button. The next common gaming mouse feature would be the extra buttons. These can be anywhere from 5 to 20. The buttons are programmable and may be used to store various game commands or hotkeys. Another notable feature would be the ability to physically customize the mouse. It is becoming quite common to see gaming mice that allow gamers to adjust the weight or the center of gravity on their device. Lastly, a gaming mouse would not be called as such if it didn’t have that distinctive shape that could sometimes look intimidating. Ergonomics plays a key role in a player’s gaming life, especially in the long run. Gamers need to be able to feel comfortable holding their mouse since they tend grip to mouse tightly when playing, or they occasionally spend a long
time with a game and would naturally want a mouse that reduces the strain on their hands.

Key Factors to Look for in a Gaming Mouse

As mentioned before, choosing the perfect gaming mouse is matter of personal choice. The factors to consider when picking the ideal one would be its shape and size, the number of buttons and their positions, the feel of the scroll wheel, the kind of sensor (laser or optical), and whether a wired or a wireless one is preferred. Since it is practically impossible to choose one gaming mouse that would be a perfect fit for
all, here are some of the best that fall under various categories.

Best Claw Grip and Best FPS Gaming Mouse – Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RG13

Boasting a rigid aircraft-grade aluminum body, this gaming mouse is ideal for right-handed players fond of FPS or first person shooter games. This is because it comes with a dedicated sniper button that automatically lowers the DPI setting when pressed. It is also the most
comfortable out of all the other claw-grip type mice, and even allows the player to set the center of gravity. Other notable features of this gaming mouse are surface calibration tuning function that lets the user optimize the sensor with regards to the playing surface, a DPI of 12,000, eight tactically-placed buttons that are customizable and ideal for macro programming, tactile precision scroll wheel, high-capacity Omron switches that performs well even during extensive campaigns.

– sniper button is very handy
– elegant materials and design
– very durable
– scroll wheel would sometimes scroll back up when you are scrolling down
– shorter than most mice; not ideal for palm grip
– heavier than most mice

Best Palm Grip and Best Budget Gaming Mouse – Razer DeathAdder Chroma

For those who like laying their palm over their mouse when they play, this is so far the best there is. It’s also a plus that gamers will get value for their money. As usual, comfort is a key factor and the Razer DeathAdder Chroma easily beats out the other competitors. Its shape will ensure players of a comfortable gaming experience because of its contoured top and scooped buttons. The simplicity is also refreshing with just the basic left and right, forward and back buttons, and a mouse wheel. It is fitted with an optical sensor that provides accurate and fluid response with its 10,000 DPI feature. Tracking is cut off as soon as the player lifts the mouse with its Z-axis going as low as 1mm. Perfect for those who want tracking to stop as soon as the mouse is lifted. As an added customization, the scroll wheel and Razer logo can be lit up with numerous color choices.


– very comfortable
– accurate sensor
– precise and responsive
– can be too small for big hands
– not very durable
– buttons have a tendency to stop working

Best MMO Gaming Mouse – Asus ROG Spatha

This stylish mouse is fitted with magnesium alloy bottom plates that have no trouble gliding over numerous kinds of surfaces and effortlessly clicks into its magnetic charging dock. It comes with 12 programmable buttons whose click resistance can be modified by players.
The ROG Armoury has a built-in flash memory where profiles may be stored, and buttons, performance, and RGB may be customized. Asus did a great job with releasing this gaming mouse that can sync with other ROG products like graphic cards, motherboards, and Asus keyboard. As a bonus, RGB lighting effects are customizable and can be applied to 3 zones: the ROG logo, scroll wheel, and side
buttons. Another notable detail that Asus did with this gaming mouse is the versatility of using it wireless or wired. It is impressive that using it wirelessly will not cause gamers to lag. DPI is set at a maximum of 8,200 and the Omron switches in the main buttons possess a high click
cycle. Throw in the wonderful comfort of gripping the mouse, and this may well be the best gaming mouse there is out there.

– beautiful design
– battery lasts for a long time
– lots of customization possible

– pricey
– bigger than other mice; side buttons may not be a great fit for the users with small
– heavy

Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – Razor Ouroboros

Razer has been a favorite among gamers and this gaming mouse doesn’t disappoint. It’s similar to Asus Spatha’s wireless/wired feature, but the Razer Ouroboros’s has been around far longer and its edge over its competitor is its ambidextrous design which captures a
bigger market. It is worth noting that the Razer Ouroboro gaming mouse is physically customizable in that its parts can be moved around. A good use for this feature is the ability to adjust the weight and the palm rest in order to personalize the grip on the mouse. It is therefore highly versatile and can fit any hand length and grip style. That makes for quite a comfortable mouse that reduces hand fatigue during extended playtime. There are altogether 11 programmable buttons and dual sensors that adds accuracy to tracking. Like the Asus Spatha, Razer’s Ouroboro’s DPI is set at a maximum of 8,200 using 4g laser sensor.

– comfortable and versatile
– very responsive
– dual sensors make it highly accurate

– materials used are not durable
– scroll wheel and buttons squeak after some time
– pricey

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech is another brand that has established itself as one of the most dependable and first-rate producers of computer peripherals around. It comes as no surprise that their wireless gaming mouse is the best out there. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a flagship mouse and is quite similar to the Asus Spatha in terms of price as well as features, but the former has an added feature where the DPI can go from 200 to 12,000 as you play. The increase in DPI is not just in the software; it’s also changed across the board and Logitech calls it the Spectrum lighting. This is similar to the RGB lighting, but Logitech decided to make its own version. And if that isn’t enough, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum offers wired/wireless connection, and even comes with an ambidextrous design.

– customizable and programmable buttons
– ambidextrous design
– RGB lighting is gorgeous

– pricey
– not too durable
– buttons can get stuck

Best All-Purpose Gaming Mouse – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech never fails. With 11 programmable buttons laid out strategically, textured grip,comfortable shape, and adjustable scroll wheel, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum can bethe best companion during prolonged gaming sessions. Fitted with Logitech’s advancedoptimal gaming sensor, hand movements are translated precisely onscreen. Mouse weightand balance are also customizable. But the best thing about it is perhaps the lack ofspecialization and is suitable for different genres like MMO, RTS, and FPS. The LogitechG502 Proteus Spectrum could be the best choice for those gamers who play across a broadspectrum of genres.

– highly customizable
– ideal for extended gameplay
– exceptionally accurate sensor

– may not be suitable for large hands
– free-scroll wheel is too sensitive
– can be quite heavy