Best Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use in 2019

Cold temperatures during the fall and the winter can get anyone scrambling for heat but what if it’s not readily available? Gone were the days when starting a fire is the only option to stay cozy in the wilderness. That is not an option if you need to have heat indoors. Since the invention of kerosene heaters, it has offered people many people possibilities. Because these babies only feed on kerosene, no electricity is needed. They are very portable as well for their size and very handy, too.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at what you should be looking for in a kerosene heater and some of the best heater models that got the best reviews.

Indoor Kerosene Heater Buying Guide

So what do we want from a heater? Read below to get an insight on what portable kerosene heaters for the home to buy.

Factors to consider when choosing an indoor kerosene heater

  • There are two types of kerosene heaters: radiant and convective. Radiant heaters have a wide heating range so that bigger rooms can be heated. They are usually placed in the center of a room so that heat can spread to all directions. Convective heaters are made to be round, making it possible to heat the surrounding area. The fuel tank is built-in under the wick. Consider the pros of each.
  • Kerosene heaters will emit a kerosene smell. The good ones, however, won’t produce any smoke. Decide if the smell will bother the household or if it’s not a good choice for anyone with a respiratory ailment.
  • It has safety features such as an anti-tip switch and a carbon monoxide detector.
  • The heater should be easy to fuel and would still be easier to carry inside while it has fuel.
  • The size should be small enough to store away properly.


Top 3 Indoor Kerosene Heaters

Sengoku CTN – 110 Portable Kerosene Heater

As a temporary-slash-backup heater, the Sengoku CTN-110 is a radiant kerosene heater that will have you cut costs on electricity because of its heating prowess. It may be small, but it gives off a 10,000 BTU suitable for larger rooms. It has a capacity of 1.2 gallons of fuel which is enough to burn up to 14 hours. It powers up to 4 C-sized batteries. Some of its features are an auto-switch OFF, a protection shield at the front, a flame adjuster, and automatic ignition. The Sengoku kerosene heater also has a built-in siphon pump for emptying the tank.



  • Lights easily and operates for long hours
  • The range of heat is superb, can heat up an 1100 sq. ft. home
  • Efficient and has a sound heat output



  • Possible ignitor failure
  • The siphon pump is not of good quality

Mr. Heater F2702 MH75KTR Contractor Forced-Air Kerosene Heater

The efficiency of this heater makes it another must-have to heat up your home. The Mr. Heater F270270 instantly warm every room which is very useful when you are pressed for time. It has a heating output of 75,000 BTUs and operates for as long as 11 hours. It has a capacity of 6 gallons with safety features that include an overheat shut-off and is CSA-certified.


  • Heats fast
  • Almost has no noise
  • No fumes


  • The ignitor stopped working


Dura Heat DH2304

With a heating output of 23,000 BTU, it’s no surprise that it can light up about one thousand square feet of space. For a home with a few extra bedrooms, this is your absolute choice even if your home has proper insulation. It has a fuel capacity of 2 gallons that will run for 12hrs. It is lightweight, easy to operate and store away.


  • It can also use diesel
  • Produces a lot of heat for a 3-bedroom house
  • The full tank lasts for hours


  • Customer service is not helpful
  • Poorly soldered components