Best Gaming Chair 2019

Gaming chairs were made with comfort and durability in mind. Imagine having to cut yourplaying time short just when things are starting to get exciting, all because you arebeginning to feel sore from having to sit in front of the screen for some time. This isprecisely why there are different types of chairs out there that cater exclusively to hardcore,or even casual, gamers.

Features of a Gaming Chair

What exactly sets gaming chairs apart from your standard office chairs? Not much, actually.But those features that do make them different make it possible to play games for hours onend. While both standard office chairs and gaming swivel or wheelbase chairs have basicfeatures such as castors and height adjustment levers, gaming chairs are ergonomicallydesigned to support the lumbar area and are fitted with additional controls forcustomization according to the user’s height and body type. Common pains that plaguethose that put in long hours in the chair are concentrated mainly in the back and neck areas,so all gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to address problems that gamers have withthese areas. Do take note though that even top-of-the-line gaming chairs will notcompletely eliminate the aches that come with having to sit for long periods of time. It isstill essential to take breaks every once in a while, and try to do some stretching or movingaround. Sitting for a considerable amount of time is proven to have long-term consequenceson one’s health.

Key Features to Look For in a Gaming Chair

Choosing the ideal gaming chair is a matter of personal preference. While the choice doesnot directly affect how you play your games, it is still a good idea to invest in a chair thatprovides the utmost in comfort and durability. Remember that you and your chair will spenda lot of quality time together, so you might as well pick one that appeals to you and will lastfor a long time.

The most important feature to consider is of course, the design. The ergonomics of thegaming chair should satisfy the level of comfort that the gamer requires for his average playtime. The lumbar and arm support, and the customization controls should be scrutinized.The gaming chair should have typical adjustment options for height, armrest, and tensioncontrols, backseat lock, and seat pan slider. These adjustment options come into play whentweaking the chair according to the player’s height and body type. The more options, thebetter the chances that the body won’t get sore even after long hours of playing. Don’t besurprised if you end up paying more than what you expected because quality usually comeswith a hefty price tag.

The next feature a gamer should inspect is the chair material. The usual choice would bemade between mesh and leather. Although some may dismiss the material selection as purely aesthetic, it becomes a critical factor for those who easily feel hot or cold whensettling in their chairs. Mesh is breathable and obviously feels cooler than leather.The last feature would seem trivial, but actually counts considering an excellent computerchair would be around for quite a while. Style is an aspect that would make most gamerschoose one chair over another. It is not a bad idea to make the chair’s design complementthe room.

More importantly, the gaming chair should look sturdy and well-designed.Ideally, a gaming chair should be personally tested to ensure that it would be a great fit anddoes not look good only on the computer screen. However, there are a lot of reasons why itis often more convenient to order the chair online. To help with the challenging task ofpicking out the perfect gaming chair, here are some of the best ones out there that havegotten the seal of approval from gamers themselves. It must be mentioned though that theones listed here have the PC gamer in mind.

Best Budget Computer Gaming Chair – Lex Mod

Yes, it’s an office chair, but the LexMod Veer is still a good buy for those mesh lovers whowant their chairs to provide breathability when they become absorbed with their games.The armrests have adjustable elevation, and the seat is made of padded waterfall mesh thatensures perfect back and thighs posture. As an added bonus, gamers get to pick among 10vibrant colors that would match any space. All these features may be availed for just lessthan $100.

– affordable
– comfortable but sturdy build
– easy to assemble
– may feel rickety
– chair has a tendency to lean forward
– backrest does not tilt

Best Mid-Range Computer Gaming Chair – Office Star Light Air Grid Chair

Another office chair that can also double as a gaming chair is the Office Star Light Air GridChair. It has platinum finish arms that are cantilevered, and an aluminum base completewith dual wheel castors, top grain leather, thickly-padded contour leather seat, meshbackrest that has adjustable lumbar support, and your basic adjustable tilt tension. All thesemake for a well-designed chair that looks sturdy and elegant. The arms have soft padding, asdo the edges of the backrest. All in all, these features make the Office Star Light Air Grid

Chair one of the highest-rated chairs in its price range because of the comfort level that itoffers. At a little over $300, it is still a good buy bearing in mind that comfort and spinesupport are topmost priorities.

– backrest gives good lumbar support
– easy to adjust
– cushions provide excellent comfort

– armrest adjustment is manual
– no tilt position lock
– backrest may be too stiff for some users

Best High-End Computer Gaming Chair – Steelcase Gesture

It may be worth mentioning first that gamers should be prepared to shell out about $1000 to snag one these deluxe chairs. Every penny is worth it though because it has been called“the dream chair” by those fortunate enough to experience the luxurious comfort that Steel case Gesture provides.

The chair’s backrest and seat perfectly cups the body, essentially making it possible to bear hours of game play. Body support is addressed by all aspect of Steel case Gesture’s design.And Steel case truly made it a point to learn how to make a top-notch chair by conducting a global posture study that revealed current seating solutions do not adequately support acquired unhealthy postures. This in turn causes discomfort, disruption at work, even the ability to concentrate and express creativity.

Steel case claims that Gesture is the first office chair that was designed to cater to a great range of technologies, postures, and user body types. Gesture actually adjusts to mimic the body’s spine movement, and reacts accordingly by contouring according to user’s back in any posture. As if that’s not enough, the armrests placed toward the back of the chair and the soft seat edges provide additional comfort in all postures. To put is simply, the user can switch positions without having to adjust the chair.

Steelcase believes in the quality of its products so much that they even threw in a lifetime warranty. There are about 12 colors to choose from, with the option to upgrade to leather.Truly, every inch of this chair reflects the superior quality that only Steel case can deliver.

– elegant look and solid build
– manual adjustment is not needed

– backrest tilt provides excellent support

– pricey
– lack of lumbar support
– chair may get too hot for some users

Best Console Gaming Chair – Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair

So as not to make console gamers feel left out, one highly recommended chair for them is the Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair. As many gamers may already know, X Rocker made rocker-type chairs popular and is still credited with offering some of the best out on the market. Most X Rocker gaming chairs have built-in speakers that take console gaming to the next level of fun. Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair is no exception. Equipped with 4 speakers, this chair is also ideal when one simply wants to read or even just relax. With comfort in mind, X Rocker is furnished with soft padding and smooth fabric.

– fits even in a small area
– very comfortable
– immersive sound

– not too durable
– speakers have a tendency to stop working
– wireless feature is sometimes faulty