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Console Overwatch Aiming Guide for Xbox

Who knows, you may like the laid back controller style better. However, this guide can be most useful for console players, and we are going to go over the settings, tips and tricks that you can use to gain the competitive edge! This can also be interesting to anyone willing to try aiming with a […]

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How to save money for building PC parts

Today we are gonna discuss about saving money on your PC build. I know most people don’t have 1000 dollars or so for their gaming PC, so here are some tips for you on how to save some bucks while shopping for a custom gaming PC. I don’t mean saving 100’s of dollars but still […]

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The Art of Juking – Dota 2 Tips

In this one, we plan to cover some escaping mechanisms and give you a few of more general tricks you can use during the game. So let’s start, shall we? Before we give some concrete tips related to specific. Heroes, let’s go over the things you need to know about juking and at the end, […]

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How to Remap Your Buttons on an Xbox One

Learn how to remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller. First off you’re gonna push the home button and then scroll over to the system tab. Click on the gear / setting icon and that will bring up our settings page. Now from here we can either select connected devices or ease of access, […]

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Gaming Tips for your first going out

Warm up process that will help your game and infield more smooth and successful. These tips are based on my own experience, that I gained throughout going out alone and approached more than 50 girls. So without further do let’s get started. 6 gaming tips that will make your first giving out session successful. Tip […]

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