How to assign Specific Actions for Different Content Types in Mozilla

There are different media files associated with a webpage. Like a video file or flash (.swf) file or an image file, simply it can be any media associated with the webpage you are currently browsing. We need some files to be simply downloaded, some files to be opened in corresponding programs (a video player for a video file). With the use of Firefox we can assign actions to different content types. The action would be whether to download that file or to open it into a software application.

To assign actions to different content type, follow these simple steps:

Step 1] Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools:

Step 2] In Tools, select Options:

Step 3] In Options Window go to Applications Tab:

Step 4] Now you will see two columns, One for Content and another for Actions.

It is clear that there are four Actions available for any content type.
a) Always ask?
b) Save File.
c) Use <<default program>> (e.g Microsoft Word for word documents)
d) Use other..

The last option gives you a chance to assign any program with that content.