Microsoft Office will be available for iOS and Android

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android:
Recently we got this news that Microsoft will be launching Office for iOS and Android. It will be launched by the time Microsoft will launch Windows 8 and new version of Office, in November this year.

Microsoft Office is a product of Microsoft that truely has no competition. We all love it. The version coming for iOS and Android will have complete Office, it will include Word, Power Point and Excell. It is not yet confirmed that it will be available for all iOS devices or only for iPad. (I think it will for all devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod).

Many people think it’s very late for Microsoft to take this action. Even I agree with that, but atleast they have taken this step now! Windows 8 is completely on stake, as every big manufacturer is in doubt with it’s success. We hope Office on iOS and Android will get good appreciation.